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SUDELEC S.A, is a Colombian metalworking industry that fabricates and commercializes electric and gas home appliances under the brand name Sueco, taking wellness into their customer’s home and offering products that improve their quality of life. Nowadays, it outlines itself as a solid company that has grown consistently through the years in the Colombian market and is present with its products in Central America, South America, the Caribbean and the United States.


SUDELEC S.A., was founded in the year 1965 as a factory for enamel coated utensils, in 1978 began to produce gas and electric stoves, in order to later on, focus exclusively on these. Today the factory concentrates on the making of gas and electric hobs, and assembling gas water heaters. It also commercializes and distributes home appliances for the construction industry and since 2012 it includes a new line of small home appliances.


The company practices with Quality Management System under the NTC ISO 9001:2008 and all gas appliances comply with the conformity certificate of Product Seal.







Quality Management Policy

SUDELEC S.A., commits to fabricate and commercialize products and services that satisfy the customer’s needs under the following principles:


• Fulfill the norms, technical regulations and requirements agreed with the customers.

• Improve products according to the market’s needs.

• Keep the company’s human resource committed to high quality, sustained improvement, well-timed customer service and the best resource administration.


The General Management and its Board of Directors commit to supply resources timely and channel all efforts and decision making towards these principles, in order to benefit suppliers, employees and shareholders.





Environmental Policy

SUDELEC S.A., is a responsible company with the environment, for this reason it commits to work under the following principles:




SUDELEC S.A., looks after the execution of the environmental policy. Because of this, it counts with the support of the Board of Directors, employees and all the company’s stakeholders.




For SUDELEC S.A., is of great importance to change constantly and identify cleaner production methods that lead to use resources more efficiently and help reduce contamination in all processes.




SUDELEC S.A., is committed to identify, prevent and reduce contamination risks fast and effectively in the production system, fulfilling the legal requirements that care for the environment and living creature’s integrity.




SUDELEC S.A., will promote the diffusion of its environmental principles, linings and specific programs environment related, between employees, contractors and other stakeholders of the organization.











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